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Mac-Weld Supplier Registration

Welcome to the Mac-Weld Machining Ltd. Supplier Registration Portal.

Mac-Weld Machining Ltd.’ on-line supplier registration process is designed to help Mac-Weld Machining Ltd. employees better identify potential suppliers when opportunities arise. Registration does not constitute approval as a supplier; companies will be evaluated on an opportunity-driven basis for teaming and procurement. Registration is an important element in our search for innovative, efficient, and timely supplier, subcontractor, and teaming resources. Your registration enables Mac-Weld Machining Ltd. personnel to view your capabilities.

    ACKNOWLEDGMENT: You acknowledge and agree that Mac-Weld Machining Ltd. is providing no guarantee that the business you are registering will receive any monetary or contractual benefit by registering on this site.

    Supplier FAQ’s

    Mac-Weld strives to create strong alliances with small and large businesses that provide reliable, high-quality products and services to our customers. To get started please register online at Supplier Registration

    Mac-Weld deals in a variety of alloys and metals, including round bar, plate, pipe and more. To view our finished products –  click here

    Mac-Weld considers many factors when recruiting new suppliers to align with. Supplier selection depends on factors including:

    • Core capabilities, products or services.
    • Geographic location
    • Past performance and reputation
    • Dependability, responsiveness, honesty, and teamwork
    • Market niche

    In addition, we expect suppliers to demonstrate the following:

    • Financial viability
    • High ethical standards
    • Competitive pricing
    • Appropriate industry quality procedures and processes
    • Ability to offer a technological or service advantage over competitors.
    • Innovations in the delivery of goods or services.

    Mac-Weld provides no guarantee that you will receive any monetary or contractual benefit. Your form (registration) simply allows Mac-Weld employees to view your capabilities.

    Your email submission will be kept in a database that will be used to identify potential candidates. Submission of your information is without obligation of any kind on the part of Mac-Weld.

    • Flanged and threaded thermowells
    • Vanstones
    • Orifice plates
    • Meter runs and level chambers
    • Bleed rings, flush rings
    • See our products page for a full list