Orifice Wafer Assembly

A new space saving design to make flow measurement easier.

Mac-Weld’s orifice wafer assembly can be installed between 150#-2500# flanges. We can also manufacture these with an integral isolation valve.

Our wafer assemblies combine the primary orifice plate element with the connection and manifold hardware. These units offer a space saving design, with the same quality and reliability Mac-Weld is known for in the industry. Improve accuracy and performance with our new orifice wafer assemblies.

  • Compact design
  • Manufactured to fit almost any flange material and design
  • Can be installed between 150#-2500# flanges
  • Fully leak-tested and configured
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Integral Isolation valves; 3 & 5 Valve H-Style manifolds can also be mounted directly to assembly

Orifice wafer

Orifice wafer assembly
with transmitter

Orifice wafer assembly with
H-style valve & transmitter

The Mac-Weld team is focused on ensuring quality, competitive pricing and meeting delivery expectations. Customer support is seamless and deep. Mac-Weld is a true partner and a most critical and valued supplier.

Tom A., Global Instrumentation company

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