Custom Orifice Plates

We design and manufacture a variety of Custom Orifice Plates from Bore & Bevel to Bore & Counterbore, Segmental, Eccentric and Quarter Round. Each of these have special applications and we provide them to the required specifications our clients demand.

Our Bore & Bevel Orifice Plates are machined at 45º angle to the desired edge thickness and typically beveled to 1/50 of the line I.D. or 1/8 of the orifice bore. In the Bore & Counterbore Orifice Plates we use a special method to limit the plate edge thickness. Our Segmentally bores Orifice Plates are provided for measurements where solids are entrained in a gas or liquid stream. Eccentrically bored Orifice Plates are plates where the orifice is off center, or eccentric, as opposed to concentric. The bore of the eccentric orifice normally is inscribed in a circle that is 98% of the pipe diameter, so the solids or slurries may pass through. And finally the Quarter Round Orifice Plate has an orifice with the inlet edge rounded. Overall plate thickness is frequently greater than for standard plates. This bore is specifically designed for fluids of high viscosity, such as heavy crudes, syrups, and slurries. Quarter-Round bores are recommended for viscous flows having Reynolds Numbers below 4,000.

    Industries: Sewage treatment, Steel, Water conditioning, Paper, Heavy and Light chemicals, Atomic, and Petrochemicals.

The Mac-Weld team is focused on ensuring quality, competitive pricing and meeting delivery expectations. Customer support is seamless and deep. Mac-Weld is a true partner and a most critical and valued supplier.

Tom A., Global Instrumentation

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