We design and manufacture a variety of custom orifice plates from bore & bevel to bore & counterbore, segmental, eccentric and quadrant (quarter round).

Our bore & bevel orifice plates are machined at 45º angle to the desired edge thickness and typically beveled to 1/50 of the line I.D. or 1/8 of the orifice bore. In the bore & counterbore orifice plates we use a special method to limit the plate edge thickness.
Our segmental and eccentric bore orifice plates have offset bores to operate in conditions with gas or liquid steam entrained with solids. Quadrant bores are designed for fluids of high viscosity, such as heavy crudes, syrups and slurries.

  • Custom bores and finishes available
  • Custom engineered orifice plates
  • Orifice plates available with a maximum line size of 48”
  • 1/16” to 5” plate thickness available
  • All Mac-Weld orifice plates are inspected and stamped before being released from production.

Industries: Sewage treatment, Steel, Water conditioning, Paper, Heavy and Light chemicals, Atomic, and Petrochemicals.

Mac-Weld is a true partner. Their team works very closely with ours to understand business opportunities in-depth, thus ensuring a competitive, high quality and appropriate solution in a timely fashion. Mac-Weld is one of our most critical and valued suppliers.

Sam J., OEM customer

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