Flow meter grounding rings or earth rings, ground the process and reduce noise delivered to the gauge by removing stray energy created by the process flow.

Also know as electromagnetic flow meter earthing rings, they form a connection between the sensor and the pipe to reduce interference and electrical noise in flow meters to help produce accurate readings. Grounding rings should match the meter size, instead of the original pipe size for inline meters.

Mac-Weld flow meter grounding rings are available in pairs, since they need to be installed upstream and downstream in order to be effective reducing electrical noise from the electromagnetic flow meter.

  • Mac-Weld grounding rings are available in pairs
  • All rings are inspected for accuracy and any possible inperfections before final appproval
  • Grounding rings are made from stainless steel, hastelloy and monel, however other materials are avilable
  • Installation kits available upon special request
  • Large selection of materials available
  • Flow Meter Grounding Ring Main 1
  • Flow Meter Grounding Ring D3
  • Flow Meter Grounding Ring D2
  • Flow Meter Grounding Ring D4

We have been using Mac-Weld for over 20 years and find them a true team vendor with quality, a great supplier.

Mary J., OEM manufacturer of Instrumentation

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