Paddle Orifice Plates

Mac-Weld Orifice Plates are manufactured to stringent requirements and only leave our plant once it has passed rigorous tests. Stainless steel plates are specifically purchased for the job required. Individual plates are then water cut, ensuring no heat distortion happens, since distortion is a possibility with conventional welding.

The plates are then surface finished to less than 30 micro-inch tolerance – controlled by our special finishing machines, designed to preserve plate flatness. Identification of plates is done by lightly stamping the material heat number, tag number, rating, and bore size. Final CMM inspection is always part of the complete package ensuring our customers receive exactly what was ordered.

    Material Options: 316 Stainless Steel, Hastelloy – Monel, Other Materials Available.

    Industries: Any industry that requires Flow measurement

For details on our Paddle Orifice Plates, please see our Product Specification Sheet.

We have been using Mac-Weld for over 20 years and find them a true team vendor with quality, a great supplier.

Mary J., OEM manufacturer of Instrumentation