Integral Orifice Assembly

Mac-Weld integral orifice assemblies help eliminate measurement inaccuracies possible with small orifice line installations.

Integral Flow Orifice Assembly is used when differential pressure transmitter must be directly mounted on the orifice assembly. This eliminates cost of installation of differential pressure transmitter with impulse piping up to the orifice assembly. This fully integrated flow meter eliminates the need for fittings, tubing, valves, adapters, and mounting brackets, thereby reducing welding and installation time. The transmitter is mounted directly to the orifice assembly or through an H style manifold valve (3 or 5 Valve).

  • Higher rate or accuracy in volumetric flow rate
  • Light weight design compared to orifice flange
  • Allows direct mounting of manifold valves and transmitters
  • Sold as a single unit or as part of a complete meter run
  • Line sizes available up to a maximum of 2”

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Tom A., Global Instrumentation

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