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Orifice plates play a pivotal role in fluid flow control and measurement within various industrial processes. These devices, often installed in pipelines, serve as flow restrictors by featuring a precisely machined hole that regulates the passage of fluids. One particular type of orifice plate, the multistage restriction orifice, extends the functionality by incorporating multiple stages, enhancing control and accuracy in diverse applications. Another notable variation is the vented blind orifice plate, which introduces an additional dimension to flow management by incorporating venting capabilities. This versatility makes orifice plates indispensable in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and manufacturing, where precise fluid control is essential for optimal operational efficiency and safety.


Tailor your solutions for precise fluid control.

Orifice Plate Designs

  • Concentric Edge Bore
  • Eccentric Bore
  • Quadrant Edge Bore
  • Square Edge (Restricted)
  • Segmental Bore
  • Multi-Bore


Precision bored from one piece. Orifice plates are primary element differential products for rate of flow measurement. They are also used for flow restriction applications. Orifice plate diameters are precision-bored to exact tolerances. Dimensional verification with a CMM (coordinate measurement machine).

Precision | Quality | On-time Delivery

  • All orifice plates are manufactured in house, quality checked and measured before being shipped out.
  • All plates are water cut to prevent any type of warping or distortion usually associated with higher heat cutting methods.
  • Dozens of material options available, including exotic metals
  • CRN’s available upon request, see factory for details
  • Various NDT options
  • Mac-Weld orifice flange unions are supplied complete with nuts, bolts, gaskets and plugs, for easy installation
  • Meter runs above 12” available upon request
  • Orifice carriers are available in sizes to suite B16.5 flanges
  • Custom designs available upon request


  • Orifice 1
  • Orifice 4
  • Orifice 3
  • Orifice 2

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