Isolate instruments from the process, while saving space and installation time

These units allow for easier maintenance, flow diversion and sampling, as well as reducing size and weight to the process line.

All our DBB assemblies are custom built to suit our clients requirements, with numerous configurations and options available. Mac-Weld double block and bleed valves are manufactured in accordance with ASME standards.

For details on our Double Block and Bleed, please see our product data sheet below.

  • The Mac-Weld DBB manifold is a complete Double Block and Bleed assembly to keep instruments separate from the process.
  • Single unit replaces separate valves and reduces installation time as well as saving space.
  • Two ball valves are used to achieve isolation while the needle valve and bleed port provides pressure relief.
  • Various flange sizes, pressure classes, sizes, connections and materials are available.
  • CRN and MTR are available

Mac-Weld Manifold Valve Catalogue

Mac-Weld 2023 Manifold Valve Catalogue

Available in 2,3 & 5 valve configurations, see our catalogue for details.

  • Double Block and Bleed 1
  • Double Block and Bleed 3
  • Double Block and Bleed 2

Our machining process includes ISO and LEAN principals, our CNC machines are always updated for maximum efficiency

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