Vented blinds/paddles block flow on one side, while allowing pressure relief on the other side. This helps create a much safer downstream work condition.

Mac-Weld vented blinds/paddles provide an economical solution, when a valve isn’t available near your work site. Vented blinds have multiple benefits including easy access to hydro-testing, purge entry point and line pressure release.

Looking for a custom port location, our team of designers are on hand to help you manufacture the part to your specifications. Also known as a bleed, spade or slip blinds, we offer a large variety of sizes and materials to suit your project requirements.

  • Blocks one side of the flange, while venting the opposite side
  • Ring type joint, spectacle or paddle blind plates designs available
  • Venting can be added to both sides, creating a multiport solution
  • Easy access for hydro-testing.
  • Handles are V notched for easy identification
  • Available in both NPT or socket-weld ports
  • Large selection of materials available

Vented Paddle Blind 01
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Available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials, see our catalogue for more details.

When you need it for a shutdown, these guys come thru.

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