Bleed Ring

Mac-Weld bleed rings goes between two flanges and allows for a top/bottom measurement or drain. Being are 1-1/2″ thick, it also allows you to tap the top and bottom.
All Bleed rings are quality checked and tested to code, prior to being shipped.

Bleed Rings typically come in 316/L, 304/L or A105 Carbon Steel.

  • Manufactured 100% in house
  • SW Eliminate threaded connections.
  • Allows for on site calibration, venting, & purging.
  • No break of the process flange
  • CRN approved

Material Options: 316/L, 304/L or A105 Carbon Steel

Industries: Chemical & Petro Chemical

For details on our Bleed Rings, please see our Product Specification Sheet.

Our machining process includes ISO and LEAN principals, our CNC machines are always updated for maximum efficiency

Deane Clark, Production Manager, Mac-Weld