Terms and Conditions


ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Prompt acknowledgment of the Purchase Order is required. The express written acceptance of the PO shall constitute the entire agreement between the Parties.

PRICE: Prices shown are firm and may not be altered without the written consent of the Purchaser. Any changes should be communicated immediately to the Buyer.

REVISED PURCHASE ORDER: Any changes made to the Purchase Order, including, without limitation, to scope of supply, delivery date and price, must be mutually agreed upon between the Buyer and the Seller in the form of a written revised purchase order. The Seller shall not be obligated to proceed with any changes to an Order until completion of such Change Order.

QUALITY & INSPECTION: All Goods sold, and Work supplied hereunder shall be in compliance with the drawing and/or purchase order and free from any defects and shall at all times be subject to inspection and/or testing. On a case-by case, if any Goods, in Mac-Weld Machining’s opinion, fails to conform to specifications of the drawing or Purchase Order or is otherwise defective, the Seller shall promptly repair/replace same at Seller’s sole expense including all freight and the return of the defective material.

PACKAGING: All material shall be adequately packaged, crated or skidded to avoid damage during transit.

SHIPPING DOCUMENTATION: Please ensure this purchase order number is on outside of the shipment and on all documentation. Please advise all Third Party suppliers to include Mac-Weld Machining’s purchase order number and your company name on all documentation. No charge will be allowed for packaging, crating, cartage or storage without Purchaser’s permission. Unauthorized partial orders are subject to cancellation or freight charges to the account of the Seller.

INVOICE SUBMISSION: Please email your Invoice to [email protected] . Such invoice shall reference the Mac-Weld Machining’ purchase order number.

WHERE TO SUBMIT HARDCOPY INVOICES (If not submitted electronically) MAIL PAPER INVOICES TO: Canadian Invoices: 1324 Lougar Ave, Sarnia, Ontario Canada N7S 5N7

US Invoices: PO Box 611621, Port Huron, MI USA 48061-1621

PAYMENT: Mac-Weld Machining shall pay to Seller, within sixty (60) days after receipt of the invoice or as agreed upon at the time vendor was set up with Mac-Weld Machining.

MACHINERY/ EQUIPMENT WARRANTY: Seller shall comply with all federal, provincial and local laws, regulations and orders applicable to the purchase, sale, manufacture, processing, shipping and delivery of the Goods. Seller agrees to indemnify and save Purchaser harmless at all times from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses incurred or sustained by Purchaser directly or indirectly by reason of any breach of the provisions hereof by Seller. This section shall survive for a period of two (2) years following completion or termination of the Contract.

DRAWINGS & SPECIFICATIONS: Seller shall not use or disclose any data, designs, or other confidential information belonging to Mac-Weld Machining. Any Confidentiality Agreement heretofore executed by Seller in connection with the Purchase Order, or any other purchase order pertaining to the items involved herein is hereby expressly incorporated herein. This section shall survive for a period of five (5) years following termination or completion of the Contract.

CANCELLATION OF SELLERS STOCK MATERIAL: Purchaser may, at its option and without liability to Seller, cancel or suspend at any time/ by giving to Seller two-three business (2-3) days written notice so long as material is stock at the suppliers site and has not been cut or otherwise altered.

GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement is governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Province of Ontario.

MATERIAL RESTRICTION: No Viraj or Chinese allowed in flanges, no Russian are accepted, all other Chinese materials must be communicated to Mac-Weld prior to purchase.

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