Bleed Ring

Mac-Weld bleed rings goes between two flanges and allows for a top/bottom measurement or drain. Being are 1-1/2″ thick, it also allows you to tap the top and bottom.
All Bleed rings are quality checked and tested to code, prior to being shipped.

Bleed Rings typically come in 316/L, 304/L or A105 Carbon Steel.

  • Manufactured 100% in house
  • SW Eliminate threaded connections.
  • Allows for on site calibration, venting, & purging.
  • No break of the process flange
  • CRN approved

Material Options: 316/L, 304/L or A105 Carbon Steel

Industries: Chemical & Petro Chemical

For details on our Bleed Rings, please see our Product Specification Sheet.

Mac-Weld is a true partner. Their team works very closely with ours to understand business opportunities in-depth, thus ensuring a competitive, high quality and appropriate solution in a timely fashion. Mac-Weld is one of our most critical and valued suppliers.

Sam J., OEM customer