Flanged Flush Rings

The Mac-Weld Flanged Flush Ring allows the top and bottom outlets to have flanges welded in place.

Mac-Weld flush rings allow you to have two different ANSI flange sizes or ratings on opposite sides of the ring. Being approximately 2″ thick, it also allows you to tap the top and bottom. Mac-Weld bleed rings are manufactured to accept standard level transmitters or can be customized for your particular application. All flush rings are quality checked and tested to code, prior to being shipped.

  • Allows for transmitter calibration, venting and purging
  • The seal and process size transition design reduces installation and maintenance costs
  • Our engineered and manufactured-in-house design can be adapted and modified for your specific application
  • Eliminates the need for a reducing spool
  • Valve options available upon request
  • Manufactured in accordance with ASME, ASTM and ANSI standards
  • CRN approved

Material Options: Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. Also available in most alloy materials.

Industries: Chemical & Petro Chemical

The Mac-Weld team is focused on ensuring quality, competitive pricing and meeting delivery expectations. Customer support is seamless and deep. Mac-Weld is a true partner and a most critical and valued supplier.

Tom A., Global Instrumentation company

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